Weekend getaway to Samsara Resort

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Last week was super hectic!!! This is what life of a budding entrepreneur is all about, erratic personal and professional life. While most of the times we are ready for it, but unsolicited happenstances is what make life worth living and fighting for. There’s a constant battle to excel through perseverance and consistency, and be the best version of what you are no matter how unpleasant the situations and circumstances get. Things will not always be like the way we want them to be. People, feelings and situations change, after all change is the only constant (the world famous adage). Does that mean you can’t forgive and move on? Does forgiving someone makes you compromise on your self-respect? Is accepting failures and shortcomings difficult? For me, forgiving (self and others) is vital for mental peace, for rejuvenation. I don’t wish to squander my valuable time on insignificant people and trivial issues, thinking about what went wrong, why me and similar thoughts. For me, forgiving and accepting the state of affairs facilitate in taking a step back from the muck so that I can focus on self and life a little more.

Untitled collage (5)

In order to acknowledge the craziness and fruitfulness of the previous week, I along with a few friends decided to take a break to unwind and relax. Spontaneous travels turn out to be the most memorable ones; having said that we hit the road to reach Samsara Resort located in Dechu – a small village in Jodhpur district of Indian state of Rajasthan. A haven located in the middle of the infinite dunes of the Thar Desert, Samsara Resort is 120 kms from Jodhpur city. A massive, lavish and beautifully landscaped property is where we reached in the noon. Intricate work of art and designs on the ceiling of reception grabbed my attention instantly when we checked-in, the property was mostly vacant but in season time (which is mostly going to start by mid this month), it is difficult to get reservations.

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The brilliantly maintained resort has vigilantly planned and designed moats and fountains which make it a visual delight. Amongst the eclectic mix of rustic yet contemporary room categories, we had booked Sand Dunes Villa for a night. However, during winters staying in Tents and enjoying your miniscule existence amidst the vastness of desert under the blanket of stars is a luxury. The prodigious swimming pool is yet another striking amenity of the resort and soon we found ourselves enjoying a dip in it. Great music (gladly I bought my Bose portable speakers), good food by the pool under the open sky, isn’t this just a perfect getaway from the topsy-turvydom of the city life!!!


We did depart with happy memories but for me it was a bitter sweet realization that no matter what you feel… get up, dress up, never let that beautiful smile off your face and be grateful for what you have overcome.


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