The Much Needed Break In Mumbai – Food, Friends and More!! Day 2

“Relax, Unwind. Get in a flip flop state of mind.”

After having real conversation with friends until 3 am and fixing plans for the next day, we called it a night!! The very next day I had to meet a few friends in Hiranandani, Powai. I have spent nearly 3 beautiful years in the area studying, working and exploring new places. It was a trip down the memory lane as I visited Hiranandani again after 3 years. I was surprised to see an array of welcoming restaurants there. Since it was a Sunday most of the restaurants were full and after a brief discussion we finally decided to go to Madeira & Mime and after waiting for nearly 20 minutes we finally got a table. The inviting aura of the place and pretty pretty interiors quickly grabbed my attention. I was very impressed, must say!! Just when we discussed what we are going to order, we realized the staff here is deaf and mute. We had to use sign language in order to communicate with them and place our order. The gestures were very well described in their menu. Such a great way to empower them isn’t it!! Though deaf and mute, the staff was extremely courteous and service was quick. We were famished by the time we reached the restaurant and ordered Margherita Pizza, Chicken Lollipop, Fish Finger & Chips and Mocktails. The pizza was thin crust and well baked with sauce that was just perfect. Am not fond of Chicken Lollipop so instead I gorged on some fish and chips and it reminded me of good times in London. The mocktails were tangy and refreshing. In all we had a great lunching experience.

Untitled collage
Lunch At Madeira And Mime, Hiranandani Powai, Mumbai

Since we were in Hiranandani, we thought of exploring another restaurant and went straight to Breeze Lounge. The best part about the restaurant, which you will notice as soon as you enter, is the beautiful view of Powai skyline. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant with great variety in food and drinks (mocktail, cocktail and other hard drinks). Best time to visit is in the evening; you can watch the beautiful sunset, with a spectacular view and engage into conversation with friends over few beers. It was 6 pm already and I had to meet a few more friends in Andheri Lokahndwala, so I left reluctantly from Breeze Lounge bidding goodbye to my friends.

Cocktails At Breeze Lounge – Powai, Mumbai

The friends am going to meet now are a bunch of crazy men and monkey business is all we do when we meet. I remember laughing my heart out and having another level crazy conversations with them over some great food whenever am with them (yes we are FOODIES). We first went to Ministry of Games located in Lokhandwala Andheri and as the name suggests the café has pretty kickass games which you can play (there’s hourly charge that you have to pay for playing games), ranging from PS4, Jenga, Crossword, Puzzle, Monopoly and many more. A range of gourmet coffee and espresso drinks is what you can order apart from sandwiches, rolls, cakes, pizzas and other snacks. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating and has casual vibes to it.

Snacks At Ministry Of Sound – Love And Latte, Lokhandwala Andheri, Mumbai

We then headed to Jimis Burger as my friend wanted me to try it. It was a small, comfortable restaurant near The Little Door, Andheri (W). What started as a small cabin with just a few chairs and 3 burger types on the menu (vegetarian, chicken and lamb) in Malad, now has two big outlets one each in Malad and Andheri with many burger, sides and mocktail options. The buns are baked daily and patties are freshly grilled so all you are going to have is fresh and authentic burgers here.

Untitled collage (1)
Dinner At Jimis Burger, Andheri (W), Mumbai
Mumbai is incomplete without the fitting room selfies!! ;P

A treat to my belly, heart and soul is what Mumbai was all about this time.


The Much Needed Break In Mumbai – Food, Friends and More!! DAY 1

“Relax, Unwind. Get in a flip flop state of mind.”

All work and no play can get monotonous and gradually boring. Yes, being a brand consultant is exciting, you get to meet people from different industries and there is a positive energy around you. I recently started food photography as well to make my work more interesting and stimulating. Small holidays here and there and break from work is important. You relax, unwind and come back with more energy. As I have mentioned in my previous blogs, I have lived in Mumbai for nearly 6 years and thought of visiting the city again to relive the good times. Most of my plans are spontaneous and one fine day decided to visit Mumbai and called up all my friends to be available over the weekend. Though a short visit, this time it was all about meeting friends, catching up from where we left last and of course trying new cafes, restaurants and pubs.

Caught In Action!! ;P

I was absolutely surprised to see an array of new hangout places opened in almost every lane and each of them had a welcoming aura. My first visit was to this extremely cozy and comfortable Grandmama’s Café in Kemps Corner (South Mumbai) for brunch with a friend. I had informed my friends well in advance that I would like to try new and much talked places and as expected they took me to some really amazing restaurants. I had heard a lot about Grandmama’s Café and it was more beautiful in real. We had ordered Home-style Grilled Chicken, Thai Chicken Curry with Rice and Lemon Grass and Mint Ice Tea. Grilled chicken was absolutely decadent and Thai curry was refreshing, but being from Rajasthan am not fond of dishes cooked in coconut milk so I preferred grilled chicken more. The platter consisted of two generous pieces of chicken breast cooked in red wine juice along with creamy and cheesy mashed potato and sauté veggies (broccoli, mushrooms and beans). The service was quick, staff was extremely courteous and that’s how Grandmama’s café became one of my favorite restaurants in Mumbai.

Grandmama’s Cafe – Kemps Corner, Mumbai

The same day I had to meet Chadar Trek group mates. Since I was in South Mumbai, I wanted to avoid travelling and asked them to take me to some restaurant in or near Kala Ghoda. One of my friends suggested going to 145 Kala Ghoda. The café / pub is massive and segregated into 2 huge halls, there is space to host private parties as well. I had read reviews on Zomato and people have highly appreciated their butter chicken bao. It was a get together of 7 friends and we ordered a lot of food. I kid you not, we had ordered chicken tikka cigars, chicken chota (mini) shawarma, chili chicken, magic masala potato skin, pav bhaji cones (beautifully presented in bread made in the shape of cone with a filling of bhaji), butter chicken bao, grilled chicken with veggies, kurkure bhel, animal style fries (loaded with 2 varieties of cheese), mocktails, Nutella Shake and cookie dough pizza with vanilla ice-cream. The service was really quick, we had a great time with music in the background and special mention that our experience was very much pocket friendly too. 145 Kala Ghoda is a perfect place for reunions or casual outings with family and friends.

Untitled collage (1)
A Part Of What We Ordered At 145 Kala Ghoda, Mumbai

Well this was very much about my first day in Mumbai. Stay tuned as I share my Day 2 experience.

My First Half Marathon

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” – Fred Devito

There’s something incredibly addictive about workout, for me an hour workout everyday is a stress buster. It helps me know my stamina, my limits a bit more. Since childhood I have been into some or the other kind of sports or physical activities. Be it sprinting or badminton or running or jogging or yoga, I have tried engaging in all of these in different phases of my life. My first 5k run was during my first year of graduation, which is about a decade back. I have also been trekking for 8-9 years now which I have mentioned in detail in my previous blogs. My childhood friend is very well aware of my interests and one fine day he asked me if I would like to participate in Jodhpur run happening on 11th Feb. 2018. Since I have participated in few 10k runs, I asked him if he would like to go for half marathon (21 km) and without thinking much about it we mutually agreed to participate in Jodhpur Half Marathon. Quite excited we were must say!!


We made a decision to participate in the run about 2 weeks before the date and somehow couldn’t practice together as I was travelling. Nevertheless we practiced precisely twice a couple of days before the run. My friend has been into badminton (state level) and he runs quite religiously. However, I was sure to finish the run and had thought should be able to do it in 3-3.5 hours. On the day of run before leaving home I had coffee shots in lukewarm water as I had heard it boosts stamina and it was quite helpful must say. Our run was divided into 2 circuits of 10.5 km each. Going to same route again did sound boring to begin with, however looking at the enthusiasm and energy level of fellow runners, especially those much elder to me, made me focus a bit more. The first round was easily done infact after the first circuit I had thought the run is not as difficult as I had thought it to be. However, my energy level started to plummet after the first half of second circuit.


There was a time I thought I won’t be able to finish it, my legs were just not obeying me. Nonetheless, there is something beautiful about runners, they motivate people around them, push them to challenge their limits and that was trigger enough for me to finish the run. Surprisingly I finished 21.1 km in 2:33:45 and I was more than proud of myself for that. The feeling of accomplishment and contentment once I reached the finish line is beyond articulation. That euphoria can’t be expressed in words and when you have unknown faces standing at the finish point to cheer you, to praise you, to welcome you is exactly what you would want at that point. From last two days am just treating myself and having whatever I have not been having for last couple of months. My legs are still recovering from the severe pain, but it is a bitter sweet pain. The pain is temporary, but the pride of finishing the run is eternal.

There are a few tips I would like to give to all the potential runners-

  • Never ever run without practicing at least a month before the date of the event
  • Make sure you take carbs, these are important for runners
  • Make sure you get into strength training so that your bones and muscles become strong and you don’t injure yourself at the time of run
  • Make sure you relax a day before the run
  • Download motivational songs or the genre you would like to listen while you run
  • Don’t forget to push yourself to do better


After a good experience in my first half marathon, I wish to run more and my dream run is to participate in full marathon (42 km). Hope to tick it off my bucket list soon.

Mumbai – The City Of Dreams!!

… In a city where anything and everything can change… the sea is a constant…


I still remember the time I made a decision to move to Mumbai about a decade back. Feels like yesterday!! So much has changed since then – the city, the alliances, the way I perceive life and so have I. Mumbai has played a major role to transform me into a confident, adroit, independent, kind and adventurous soul who was earlier lost and been living in her own shell. The transformation had been difficult, very very difficult must say!! Mumbaikars are very good with words, well that’s what I first noticed about them and it really impressed me. They ooze confidence which I certainly lacked and I secretly longed to be like them, speak my mind without any hesitation and be confident about my roots, where I belonged and how I looked. They taught me to be comfortable in my own skin.


For the first 3 years I lived in a girl’s hostel, and hostel life has its own share of fun. You learn to appreciate the glorious mess you are and the ultimate words of wisdom that “eventually you have take care of yourself and love yourself for others to do the same for you”, suddenly starts to make sense. I had some really amazing time in hostel, found girls who shared the same crazy level with me (some of them are my dear friends now), landed myself into trouble and got out of it with the help of my friends and of course too many surprises towards the end that infact shocked me as well. God!! Probably that was the best time of my life, when you are young and the freedom you get with a blank book, you can practically write anything you want. There was absolutely no looking back!!


I never moved to Mumbai with an intention of settling there, it just happened. I lived in the city for 6 years which included my graduation, post-graduation and corporate life. I shudder and at times laugh at the memories of my initial days in Mumbai. I used to catch any bus and get down at random stop and explore the narrow lanes with friends, but mostly alone. I started enjoying my own company and it was addictive. And of course learnt a few trips and smart tricks to catch the auto – don’t ask them if they can take you, just sit. Travelling in Mumbai locals was yet another experience I can never forget. You just stand near the door and the ladies will make sure you jump out at your stop. And the same theory applies when you want to get into the local. One of the most beautiful interests that developed during my initial days was to go for treks every weekend. My college had, still has, “Nature Club” for such escapades. Since then I have been to some of the most challenging treks of the country and have gracefully survived them all.


I absolutely recommend everyone to live in Mumbai during early years of their graduation and imbibe the spectacular city in every way.

Jodhpur – The Blue City Of India

“Work hard and follow your dreams, but never forget where you come from.” – Vanessa Hudgens

Jodhpur, the Suncity of Rajasthan, is where I was born and spent 17 years of my early life before moving to Mumbai for my higher studies. It is weird that the city I spent maximum years of my life felt different (in a good way though) when I finally decided to move back here in last September. Before that I used to make sure that I spend Holi and Diwali (the two major festivals in India) with my family. And whenever I used to visit my family, I made sure it is sheer family time and not going out to meet relatives or to eat (I wouldn’t miss mom cooked food for anything in this world). I was a completely different person before I left Jodhpur for my higher education, a naïve, innocent, grounded girl who was not confident but sure was ready to explore. Am grateful to have had the opportunity to move out and of course it wouldn’t have been possible without my supportive and super cool parents. The experiences in last 11 years in different parts of the country molded me into a confident, humble, kind, confused and a fairy talented girl.


Rajasthan is known for its tourism, every year people from across the world visit major cities of the state to experience the vibrant culture, royal hospitality and some of the most delectable vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines. And Jodhpur, being my home town is special in so many ways and today’s blog is dedicated to this laid back city inhabited by chilled out people trying to be progressive and making this city a bit more modern while not forgetting its roots. The city feels a lot different in many ways – better roads, better standard of living, and development projects going at an exponential rate. People are now experimenting, welcoming brands from metro cities with an open mind. However, they are still grounded and proud to have been living here. Recently one of my good friends visited Jodhpur and I was more than happy to be his host and give him a tour of the city. We went to the majestic Umaid Bhawan Palace, the beautiful Mehrangarh Fort, showed him the glimpse of the charming old city and made him experience the royal hospitality in Balsamand Lake Palace and Ranbanka.

Untitled collage (2)

Jodhpur is also called the blue city of India, the reason being the houses near the Mehrangarh Fort area are painted blue. There is a small story behind this; earlier Brahmins painted their houses blue to set them different from other castes, however slowly everybody started painted the exterior of their house with blue color because the color keeps the house interiors cool especially during summers. There are too many places close to Jodhpur one can include in their travel plan – the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer, Osian, Pali, Bikaner, and Jaipur to name a few. Talking about my life in Jodhpur, well I live with my family here. Apart from working and playing with my niece, I have two friends here. Yes, that’s about my social life here, it is indeed a great feeling to see my friends dedicated to their respective ventures and see them grow as responsible men. The irony is in spite of living in the same city where you can literally reach any corner in less than 20 minutes, meeting both my friends is a rare occasion, that’s what I don’t cherish about growing up. But whenever we meet, we talk, share lives, fool around, make plans (which God knows when we will execute), argue and depart with happy memories.


Life in Jodhpur is simple, laid-back, far from pretence and monotonous with some cray cray weekend plans and I can’t thank God enough to have somehow made me get back to my roots.

Beautiful 2017 & Hopeful 2018

Happy New Year!!! Travel often, have more ideas, success, love and no regrets…

I know am super late for the wishes, nevertheless am happy that I still managed to shell out time to write this. The day I made up my mind to pen down my thoughts in the form of The Whole Jingbang, I had promised to be regular with it. Well I was initially and gradually I started to struggle with time, maybe because of my start up, well excuses are not to be entertained!! The year 2017 was full of memories, some I would want to cherish forever, few I wish had never happened. The year was all about learning, self awareness, making new friends, meeting the old ones, travelling (in India) and of course a better professional life. Last two months in 2017 were quite fruitful professionally, am definitely enjoying being a brand consultant. I was always scared of going out of my comfort zone and guess what!! Am enjoying challenging myself, just to let you know am trying my hand at food photography too.

Untitled collage

I have this unsatiable inquisitiveness to look for more which happens in both professional and personal life. While am working on projects, I would think am yet to deliver the best or constantly look for clients belonging to diverse industry. I have never mentioned it to anyone before but am a hopelessly romantic person, and don’t know for how long have been looking for someone who could just fit in. I have met too many boys, guys and men, the encounters have made me more stringent on what I want and what I don’t and how I shouldn’t lower my standard or be more flexible to make someone fit in. Men would easily jump on to “would like to know you more”, well am a charmer that way, but eventually they don’t shell out time to talk!! Isn’t it absolutely surprising and contradicting at the same time!! It is so difficult to invest your time and emotions in a relationship these days, you absolutely have no idea if the other person is seriously considering you or exploring other options as well at the same time. There is actually no harm in looking for more “options”, everyone deserves the best in life. But it is all about making your intentions clear, isn’t it.


Having said that do you have any regrets associated to the year 2017, anything you didn’t do but you should have?? I really wish I could travel a bit more in the previous year, well that’s the only aspect I probably would be disappointed with. And that’s what New Year is all about, a new chance to make things better, a fresh beginning, new plans and goals which you would honestly attempt to execute and make it work. Being grateful for what you have and hopeful for making it work again, new chance to get it all right and hoping that things will finally change or at least you will try to. I will definitely try to write more often and share my life in bits and pieces a lot more frequently. I really wish that New Year makes you more aware of the kind of person you are, figure out what makes you happy, challenge yourself to try something new and of course helps you to be a better version of what you are.

Crashing Into A Kashmiri Wedding!!!

“And so…. The adventure begins” – Anonymous

Have you ever been friends with someone you just have been talking over phone for nearly two and a half years without meeting even once? Well, I have been friends with one such guy!! I had met this friend, a stranger then, about 6 years back during a trek in Mumbai. I didn’t know a brief introduction back then would lead into a friendship after a gap of 4 years. We have been talking on and off, sharing our lives in bits and pieces until one day the man asked me to join him to a wedding in Jammu. I didn’t hesitate for even a moment and said a YES (the adventurous Goddess in me came to life). Ohhh did I tell you he lives in The States!!! On his last visit to India (which was early this month) we decided to finally meet at his friend’s wedding. WOHAA.. I was quite excited initially but with every passing day nervousness and a gazillion silly questions started making a vicious circle in my head. What if the guy is a total psycho? (Someone’s going to kill me, figuratively, after reading this) What if am going to feel lonely in his presence? What if it turns out to be really awkward? I was certain that the incident would make its way to my list of not so pleasant experiences.

“Rashmi, don’t you think you are being way too critical and scrutinizing it beyond your wits” that’s exactly what I told myself. Anyway, I was at least excited to visit a new place… blimey… So, we met at Delhi Airport. It was actually good to meet him and after nearly two hours there was an inexplicable silence, turned out he and I are not good talkers or maybe we were just tired of the long journey. Gradually we got along quite well and soon we realized it was time to meet the bride and I had no idea about her!! My friend helped me with all the required details and we were good to meet her. She had shared her location on Whatsapp so we hopped on a rickshaw, headed our way and stopped at the location as per the Google maps. And it turned out to be a wrong spot and we were literally lost in dark in narrow lanes of Jammu. We didn’t hesitate to ask for an aid when we saw a few ladies and asked them to help us reach our friend’s. We were surprised by their willingness to go out of their way to assist us with the same. Our first overwhelming experience!!

We then finally reached our destination and we were soon smitten with the warmth, hospitality and love showered by all her family members. I didn’t feel left out even for a second in spite of the fact that I met them for the first time and had literally crashed into the wedding. The Kashmiri bride, well what do I talk about her!!! An incorrigible chatterbox, full of life, dreams in her sparkling eyes and a charming face, she looked radiant, lovely and beautiful on her big day. We were in Jammu for 2 days and my time was spent in savoring some local food, having good conversations and getting to know my friend better. It is surprising how our friendship evolved in a couple of days and grew into fondness. Life is funny that way!!

Untitled collage

I didn’t get chance to take too many pictures, but the memory is surely seized forever.